20 Top Irregular past participles in Italian

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Federica 意大利语
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Ciao a tutti!

Today we talk about irregular past participles. It’s important to learn them because these verbs are very common and you can improve your Italian fast!

In Italian language only a few past participles are irregular. These verbs require AVERE or ESSERE as auxiliary verbs.

Let’s check the most important ones with the auxiliary verb AVERE:

1) I made/I have made - I did/I have done > Ho fatto
2) I said/I have said > Ho detto
3) I saw/I have seen > Ho visto
4) I put/I have put - I placed/I have placed > Ho messo
5) I opened/I have opened > Ho aperto
6) I closed/I have closed > Ho chiuso
7) I asked/I have asked > Ho chiesto
8) I answered/I have answered > Ho risposto
9) I read/I have read > Ho letto
10) I took/I have taken - I got/I have got > Ho preso
11) I lost/ I have lost > Ho perso
12) I chose/I have chosen > Ho scelto
13) I broke/I have broken > Ho rotto
14) I decided/ I have decided > Ho deciso
15) I laughed/I have laughed > Ho riso

Now let’s check irregular past participles with ESSERE:

16) I was/I have been > Sono stato
17) I remained/I have remained > Sono rimasto
18) I came/I have come > Sono venuto
19) I was born > Sono nato
20) I died > Sono morto

To familiarize with them, try to use them as much as possible when you speak Italian with your friends or with your Italian teacher!

A presto! Fede :-)