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Douglas Kasson英语
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Greetings. Here is how to learn a lot of words quickly. Many English words have roots from other languages. A root is a word from another language that makes up part of an English word. For example, in Latin 'Belli' means war, and many English words that are related to fighting have 'belli' in them, like the word belligerent. Often, by learning 1 Latin or Greek root word, we can learn many English words. In some cases, 1 root can give us more than 10 English words.

For example, in Ancient Greek mythology, Chronos was the god of time. Chronos was the original Father Time. In English, we have words like chronological, synchronize, chronicle, and chronic from this Greek root.

A chronic illness, for example, is an illness that is expected to last for an extended period of time. To synchronize is to match the times of 2 things, for example, 2 people who need to meet at an exact moment will synchronize their watches. A chronicle is a story told in chronological order. Chronological means in the order of time that the events happened.

We can see by the example of Chronos that by strategically learning certain root words, we can learn many words at one time. If this interests you, then I invite you to check out my sample video on the Latin root 'Bell', which is posted on my teacher profile, to learn 10 new words. I will continue to post a plethora of videos that will help you to build your vocabulary. Learning many words at a time will make our vocabulary building go faster. Somewhere, Chronos is smiling at us, because he likes when people save time.