Phrasal verb exercise

7 天前
He ate too much food, so he threw up. This means…
A He vomited
B He died
C He feel asleep
D He tripped

She is nodding off. This means…
A She is resting
B She is waking up
C She is starting to sleep
D She is painting

The man was banged up for 25 years. This means…
A He played football for 25 years
B He was relaxing for 25 years
C He was unemployed
D He was put in jail for 25 years

Brian vacuumed up all the food. This means…
A He spat all over the food
B He consumed all the food
C He wasted all the food
D He nearly ate all the food

He dashed off to work. This means…
A He went to work quickly
B He drove to work
C He walked to work
D He didn’t go to work