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Are you looking for a fun approach to begin with your Italian? Do you want to learn, have a good time, and be able to speak right from day one? Welcome to my world! My name is Gloria, I've been a teacher for over 5 years now, and I have specialized in playful teaching for beginners and false beginners.

When working with me, you will be challenged enough to make sure you make progress but you will also have a good time, because you will learn through real conversations and plenty of interactive language games.

A time well spent is a time well invested in your learning.


I've been teaching for seven years now, and I have specialised in working with beginners and advanced beginners. I work with adults who feel shy and insecure to speak Italian and take their first steps into the language.

I began teachng when I was completing my Master's Degree, and I have never been happier of that decision.

My passion for languages led me to study Modern Foreign Languages both at the University of Pavia, my hometown, and the University of Milan. Lately, my passion for teaching led me to get certified as a teacher of Italian through the University for Foreigners of Siena.


I've specialized in playful didactics to support my shiest students and allow them to learn in a more effective and light-hearted way.

I always make sure I stay updated with the latest technologies, in order to offer my students the best interactive and engaging experience they can ever have.

My smile and positive attitude will always be there to support you any time you feel like giving up. I know, from my own personal experience, that learning a language as an adult can be quite challenging at times. However, I do also believe that everything can be achieved if taken with the right attitude and a gradual approach.


My classes are productive, but relaxed at the same time. You will be encouraged to speak from day one and guided with games and fun activities, to make sure you have a positive and light-hearted learning experience.

During our classes, we will work through real-life conversations, and you will get the chance to see how words and grammar are used within specific contexts.

Speaking will be at the core of our lessons: you will get the chance to speak from day one and practice in a safe and stress-free environment.

You will be actively involved in your learning process and you will be guided to discover the new words and grammar rules in order for you to become more and more independent.


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2011 - 2013
MA in Languages and Cultures for International Communication and Cooperation
University of Milan - Milan, Italy
Focus on English and French language and culture; English to Italian translation; French to Italian translation; literal and technical translation.
2007 - 2011
BA in Modern Languages and Cultures
University of Pavia - Pavia, Italy
Focus on English, French, Italian and Spanish language; English, French and Italian literature; linguistics and philology.


Italian tutor
Freelance - London (UK)
Provided 1:1 and 2:1 tuition in Italian to students from beginner to advanced; Used communicative approach and communication-based activities like role play; Focused on the development of the four language skills; Planned and prepared lessons based on the students' needs, abilities and previous achievements; Encouraged students to use Italian language from day one, Helped students become confident and manage diverse types of communicative situations.
2015 - 2016
English and Italian teacher
British Institutes - Istituto Dante Alighieri - Pavia (Italy)
Used the communicative approach and helped students develop the four language skills (speaking, reading, listening and writing); Created a relaxed and friendly environment and encouraged cooperation between learners; Provided students with the necessary know-how to face different communicative situations; Wrote final reports; Provided students with the knowledge and tools to succeed in their final exam; Provided students with the necessary skills to use a foreign language in the workplace.
2012 - 2012
Teacher of Italian
Istituto Comprensivo Marzabotto - Sesto San Giovanni, Italy
Planned and prepared lessons, assignments, and instructional materials; Tailored course of study by developing modifications for several levels of academic ability and previous achievement; Selected materials and supplies such as textbooks; Employed a variety of teaching styles to respond to the needs of diverse learners; Simplified materials in order for students to study the school curriculum with ease: Helped a student learn how to read fluently in Italian, despite her initial struggles and reluctance; Helped pupils understand and study school subjects and succeed in their tests.
2014 - 0
Italian tutor online
Freelance - Pavia (Italy) - London (UK)
Taught Italian online to students from beginner to advanced; Assessed students on their level of Italian; Planned and prepared lessons, assignments and extra materials such as PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents and audio recordings; Created an interactive online environment through shared whiteboards, plugins and online-based exercises; Maintained a focus on communication and encouraged speaking from day one; Focused on the development of the four language skills; Helped students become confident and manage diverse types of communicative situations; Helped one student gain the necessary language and communication skills to move to Italy and start a new job.


WORKSHOP: "Dal cartaceo al digitale: materiali, strumenti e buone pratiche"
Edizioni Edilingua
2018 - 2018
La didattica ludica per studenti adulti
Edizioni Edilingua
Playful didactics for adult learners
2017 - 2017
Teacher Development Certificate - Classroom Methodology
EF - Education First
2017 - 2017
Webinar: "L’approccio cooperativo nella classe d’italiano per stranieri: idee e istruzioni pratiche per un uso efficace"
ALMA Edizioni
2015 - 2015
Webinar: "Grammatica: regola e strappo alla regola"
ALMA Edizioni
2015 - 2015
Webinar: "Gioco e piacere nella classe di lingua"
ALMA Edizioni
2015 - 2015
DITALS II - Certification of Competence in Teaching Italian as a Foreign Language
Leonardo da Vinci School - University for Foreigners of Siena - Milan, Italy
Focus on teaching approaches, methods and techniques; analysis of teaching materials; preparation of tailored teaching materials, theoretical knowledge of psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics and sociolinguistics.
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